Honda Tuning

The Honda Motor Company has always been well known for their quality, excellent resale value on their vehicles, and industry leading fuel economy. The main focus has always been affordable, light weight passenger vehicles in the form of sedans and coupes.

Motor Tuning

The motor is perhaps the most exciting and rewarding area of Honda tuning that is available. There are varying levels of performance that can be squeezed out of a motor, depending on a driver's budget and goals. If a particular series of motor can't support the level of power desired, then maybe a motor swap with another car, is in order.

Chip Tuining

All of the Hondas on the road today have one version, or another, of an onboard diagnostic computer. The computers in cars help control rev limits, idle limits, ignition and fuel timing, and react to data that is sent from a vehicle's sensors.

Lights, Lamps & Neon

Lighting options for Hondas range from headlights to endless possibilities of neon light under the vehicle or in different compartments to light up different accessories. Factory Honda headlights are boring and don't offer a large amount of light. The Xenon style bulbs offer a more intense, usable light which is offered in quite a few colors.

Rims & Tires

A lot of people agree with the idea that rims and tires make the car. Most Hondas come equipped with 13",14", or 15" wheels or rims, from the factory. This results in high side walled tires with narrow tread paths, which results in meager handling characteristics and a very "stock" look.

Audio, Video & Navigation

Car audio/video components are extremely popular with enthusiasts because they are both visually appealing and add a strong entertainment value to the vehicle. Traditionally, this category of modifications was limited to aftermarket stereo systems that were comprised of speakers, a head unit or CD player, and one or more amplifiers.


Aftermarket exhaust systems are very common on modified Hondas and usually one of the first purchases that someone will make. They can be bought in different sections from just the muffler, to a cat back system, and high flow converters can be purchased as well.

Turbo, Supercharger & Nitrous

The kings of horsepower in the Honda tuning world are turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous oxide. It's significantly more expensive to create a high horsepower 4 cylinder motor that is naturally aspirated.


Hondas are fortunate to have every possible tuning accessory known in the car world available for most models. Body kits are no exception and they have the ability to drastically change the look of a vehicle from stock, to an outcome that's much different.


More aftermarket manufacturers make parts for Honda and Acura cars, than for any other car company or line of cars. Available accessories are intended to "dress up" the vehicles, both inside and on the exterior.